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April 22nd

  • the cd version of the 1-sided LP is out now. you can order it from corleone records.
  • we are going in to record this weekend for a full length LP/CD to be out on corleone, hopefully, by summer.
  • we are planning a summer tour of the west coast starting in mid july or early august. any contacts would be helpful. thanks!
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December 7th

  • first off, sorry about the huge lapse in time and info. i will try to be better about updating this on a regular basis.
  • the lp has finally arrived! after countless months of waiting pete received the boxes last week. we have some finishing touches to put on the covers and the booklet is at the printers. if you want to order one or if you want to distro it you can reach pete at mogonono records.
  • the cd version is coming out on corleone records and should hopefully be done by the beginning of the new year.
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June 18th

  • we have a one-sided LP in the works. it's 8 songs recorded w/ our beloved keith souza @ machines with magnets here in providence. the other side will be an etching by our friend jen corace. if all goes well, it should be out by the end of july.
  • we leave for tour in two days!!
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